Ministry Name:   Community Garden Ministry

Ministry Leaders:  George Harris and Victor Travis

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To provide fresh resources to feed others.  To educate people of all ages in the field of agricultural science and promote fellowship among the church and community.


Ministry Name:     United Methodist Women

Ministry Leader:     Sonya Hearne

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To bring together women of all ages and backgrounds through other gatherings.  We will work to deepen our knowledge of God through bible-based studies tailored for women and other programs designed to empower women.


Ministry Name:    Men’s Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Paul Jackson

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To turn the hearts of men back to God


Ministry Name:   Marriage Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Rosy Briggs

Contact Info:  936.577.6808

Goal:  To provide resources, support and encouragement to couples as we help them to develop Christ centered marriages


Ministry Name:    Sunday School

Ministry Leader:   Joyce White

Contact Info:  936.635.0124

Goal:  To seek to ignite a passion for knowledge for the word of God through knowledge thereby causing an outbreak of God’s love to be spread throughout the community.


Ministry Name:    Women of Abundance Praise Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Mona Watts

Contact Info:  936.225.9117

Goal:  To reach people through the praise of dance.


Ministry Name:   Abundant Life Mime & Praise Team Ministry

Ministry Leader:      Rene’ Farley

Contact Info:  936.238.0851

Goal:  To strive to be the best that God has called us to and to fulfill the vision and purpose of reaching others.


Ministry Name:      Children of Abundance Praise Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Tina Webber

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To enjoy and have fun with the children while learning about Jesus at the same time.  To teach and mold the children to use their gifts to uplift God and others.


Ministry Name:      #HYPE  (Helping Young People Excel)     #achieve excellence  #get connected

Ministry Leaders:    Glenda Taylor and Tracy Jackson

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To value our children’s future and prepare them for greatness as we encourage them to show the love of Christ through service in our community.


Ministry Name:     Ushers Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Dorothy Brooks

Contact Info:  936.404.9455

Goal:  To be the friendly first responders to the needs of all people who come into the church. To spread the joy and peace of Christ by encouraging people through service with a smile.


Ministry Name:    Communion Steward Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Rainey Jones

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To assist the pastor with serving communion to the congregation and the sick and shut-in in the community.  To affirm the faith of believers through visitations and remembering the great sacrifice of our Lord through communion.


Ministry Name:    Bereavement Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Georgia Betts

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To show concern and compassion to the sick through cards, flowers,  and visitations.  To work with the pastor to give support to the families of deceased members during and after the fact.


Ministry Name:    Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Cassandra Harris

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To lift in a moment’s notice the needs and concerns of people to the throne of God effectively and fervently and give emotional support where needed.


Ministry Name:    Music Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Jeremiah Phillips

Contact Info:  936.414.8466

Goal:  To create an atmosphere of worship that is worthy of the gracious God we serve.  To uplift the people of God and magnify the glory of God through passionate and artistic praise.


Ministry Name:  Audio/Media Ministry

Ministry Leader:    Jeff Taylor

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To manage the technological ministry of the church.  To take the digital media of the church and make it available to the general public through the internet, social media and other recordable devices.


Ministry Name: Culinary Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Mary Greer and Martha Williams

Contact Info:  936.637.3655

Goal:  To use the art of cooking to serve the church and community.  To nourish the body of God’s people with a meal made with love, and encourage fellowship and joy that deepens our relationship with one another.