H.Y.P.E. Tutorials

H.Y.P.E. Tutorials is a ministry of Abundant Life United Methodist Church. It was organized September of 2015 by the youth and children’s department as a means to provide extra support to high-risk and struggling students in Lufkin.

Elementary students are picked up by van on Mondays and Thursdays for tutoring from 3:00 to 6:00pm. Each week students are given homework assistance and participate in reading/comprehension assignments. The last hour students are fed dinner and engage in various organized activities.

The Mission of H.Y.P.E. Tutorials is to establish strategic partnerships in the community to equip “high-risk” students with the means necessary to advance in their education and life by focusing on both academic excellence and Christ centered Character.

There are five major goals in the program:

  • To create a support system between the school, church, and home to help promote the student’s success.
  • To increase reading and comprehension skill, and provide homework assistance.
  • To encourage academic confidence, healthy self-esteem, and a Christ-like character.
  • To instill the importance of respecting and helping others.
  • To provide a safe, healthy, and empowering after school environment for learning and social activity.


  1. Y.P.E. Tutorials understands that “it takes a village” to raise a child. Therefore the program is designed to work as a tri-partnership between the church, school, and home to insure the success of the student.
  2. Y.P.E. Tutorials will partner with the schools to develop a unique education plan for each student.
  3. Y.P.E. Tutorials will work closely with the home to foster mutual support for the student’s success.
  4. Y.P.E. Tutorials will work within the church and be aware of any emotional, spiritual, or social needs; with hopes to nurture a Christ-like character through mentorships, community service projects, and organized activities that emphasize teamwork and respect for others.


email: pastoralumc@suddenlinkmail.com

office: 936-637-3655